Apr 012012

Hello World. Welcome to Annette Francine’s blog and thank you for visiting.

I’ll start by saying that I don’t consider myself particularly brilliant, wise, remarkable or interesting, so I feel pretty silly and uncomfortable posting a “blog”. But, I’m told by my friends and associates in the business that this is what an author must do to market his/her wares. I don’t know how often I’ll be posting updates (my life is just not that interesting), but feel free to check back whenever you please.

My philosophy: try to be a decent human being, and try to leave this world in better shape than I found it. You may find that a recurring theme in my stories.

Annette Francine

I reside in the metropolitan Phoenix area. After writing romantic suspense intended for traditional publishers, but unable to suppress the Christian themes and understories persisting in my stories, I fully subjected myself to my muse. My books are best described as sensual romance, involving fallible Christian and non-Christian characters, simmering in a broth of suspense.

While I truly hope my readers find my stories both encouraging and uplifting, in order to depict realistic characters and situations, and also stay true to the stories I feel driven to tell, my stories do include some explicit language and sexual content. In addition, my characters do not always portray and should not be expected to reflect good examples of Christian behavior nor my attitudes. I realize this risks offending some of my fellow Christians–although that is not my intention. I see my primary reader audience as non-Christian or “passive” Christian . . . someone who would not ordinarily pick up an “inspirational” book, but who I hope will be encouraged by the various stories’ messages to consider and investigate some conflict points a little deeper, and also explore Scripture directly to better understand the tenets and beliefs introduced by the Christian characters.  Ultimately, love and faith always triumph in the end.

Free online Bible studies are available–many with audio lessons downloadable at your convenience. A really good, Scripturally sound one I’ve found is Versebyverseministry.org.

It’s important to me to help others and improve the circumstances of those in need. At least half of the proceeds from my novels are donated to Samaritans Purse, Care, St Mary’s Food Bank, Salvation Army, and/or reputable Veterans’ assistance organizations. If you did not purchase my book(s), or have it/them purchased for you as a gift, please consider donating the equivalent funds to a reputable humanitarian charity. (This does not mean I’m giving you permission to pirate my work, though. All my work is copyrighted, so please obey the law.)

So, thank you again for your interest. Please feel free to send a comment. If you have a criticism to share, I promise to fully consider it and thank you for taking the time to write. God bless and guide you.