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From the Shadows by Annette Francine

From the Shadows

Since losing her husband in combat, Kendall Smith has forged an independent and satisfying life, running catamaran excursions around the reefs surrounding Key West. As a devout Christian, faith and morality guide her. So when she suspects her new neighbor, the lust-inspiring David Bryce, of dealing drugs, there’s no question that she and her quaint neighborhood need him jailed.

Six years…and possibly his soul. That’s what ambition has cost David Bryce. After turning his back on his former career with the Key West PD, his inside knowledge gained him tremendous status within the very cartel he once pursued. Vowing that nothing and no one will stand between him and the score of a lifetime, even the lure of ‘redemption’ in the arms of the luscious blonde next door won’t deter him.

But attraction can be as relentless as a riptide, driving them both into treacherous waters. Behaving in ways she never imagined, will Kendall’s faith founder? Can love truly save and redeem? What Kendall and Bryce discover about each other will threaten more than this young widow’s sensibilities, and push the limits of what even Bryce will sacrifice.

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The hit coursed like hot pepper through his nasal passage and scored the back of his throat. He nearly sneezed, his eyes watering against the unfamiliar fire as it coated his esophagus and stoked heat into his lungs. He heard his own sharp intake of breath at the surprise of it–the sudden bite, followed by hot tingling and then numbness along the path it traveled. But then he hadn’t known quite what to expect. Not firsthand, anyway.

And so he leaned over the mirror, held the straw to his nostril and snorted the second white line, somewhat anxious…yet also titillated. And as the powder dusted his lungs for the second time, somewhat exhilarated. He swallowed again as the sense of excitement grew, his heart building its tempo from waltz to two-step over the course of sixty seconds.

“Smooth, eh?” Pulido inquired with a smile that seemed more genuine than ever before, sliding the mirror across the table to prepare a sample of the cocaine for himself.

He nodded in almost fascinated response as Pulido pinched one nostril with thoughtless routine and snorted loudly before throwing his head back and sitting upright. “What do you think?” he asked then, squinting one eye as the other teared up.

“Good,” Bryce replied with honest enthusiasm. God, he felt great! His entire body tingled, felt aglow with incredible warmth. He closed his eyes as the sensations overpowered him, felt himself pitch backward in detached awareness as he rode an expansive wave toward pure ecstasy. Captured in the novel sensations, they took reign until the feeling crested.

Is this what he had been avoiding for all this time? If so, it was…incredible.


Eyes of a Stranger by Annette FrancineEyes of a Stranger

Rescued from death during a winter storm, how can Melanie Harris not fall for her handsome and caring ‘hero’? He’s a bit mysterious, besides. Can a guy get any sexier?

But can Mark Fereshta really be all that he seems? Melanie’s life will depend on it.


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Her tears didn’t last long, though. With admitting defeat, it got surprisingly easy to discharge every breath with the promise it could be her last.

Slowly, the cold released its grip on her. Her teeth stopped chattering. Her shivering eased. At last, the panic that bore her through the past many hours subsided. A sense of peace replaced it.
This isn’t so bad. Not at all like she expected. This was more like snuggling into a thick, cushiony blanket and feeling oneself drift into blessed slumber. All felt calm and accepting within her.
She drifted in that strange peacefulness for a time, then sank into the gray oblivion.
It was a faint chord of music. A whisper on the flakes of snow falling on the slope of her shoulder, against her cheek and the shell of her ear.
Beautiful. Her name was beautiful when played on the long, slender fingers of the Ponderosa pines surrounding her. An orchestra of wind and pine, its notes softly stirred the tiny bud of life that persisted.
“Melanie,” she heard again, more insistent.
Part of her wanted to ignore it and continue to descend into this gray shroud. Another part was summoned to obey, but could not. She was so tired, too content. Wanted to sleep.
“We have to get you up.” It was another whisper. Lilting, but somehow rousing. It demanded she comply.
She felt herself floating, levitating upward. Gray nothingness became blue. A glorious blue.
As if in a dream, her arms and legs fell away, restricted by gravity, while her body sailed weightless, tugged skyward by a force centered somewhere near her heart. Incomprehensible joy filled her. She reveled in the elation, in the sensation of ascending into heaven. But then it came, charging from her appendages; a scalding heat upon her skin, within every fiber of her tissue. Fire inside and out.


Through the Darkness by Annette Francine

© Andrej Skribans |

Through the Darkness

Murder. Spirits. Love & Faith. Can Alyssa’s love lead Judd through it?

Excerpt: Something wintery wafted across the base of his skull and then snaked slowly between his shoulders. Slithering along his spine, it paused languidly at the crown of each vertebra to allow the chill to soak into the marrow. Without true cognizance, he shivered reflexively as cool dampness whispered over the surface of his skin, oozing outward as it spread over his torso and eased around his ribcage. Just the vaguest tightening with each exhalation. Just a nip of anxiety felt at the back of his neck.

He came to partial awareness then, only half conscious of his inability to draw a full breath. The chill was what disturbed him, raising the hair on his arms and neck as it took firm hold, intensifying. With his entire body bathed in a cold prickly sweat and his limbs feeling unusually leaden, his gaze seized on the darkness in the room.

An indistinct vapor, at first, something hovered icily over the foot of his bed, filling him with complete and absolute….dread.

From the Ruins by Annette Francine

© Sprokop |

From the Ruins

When everything falls apart…to the point where life is on the line, Colin’s love has proven insufficient. Can newfound faith win Kristen back? Or will either of them survive?

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  1. From the Shadows is great reading, I am sure I will engoy your other books

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